The skin care products, pH-Cosmetics, which I use are all alkaline, they have a soft pH. Their pH is helping your skin to nourish itself and to heal itself little by little. These products are great for all skin types: for acne as well as an extremely dry or sensitive skin.

We all want to look nice and feel great, and for that we need to treat our skin with the right kind of products that are free from harmful ingredients, such as mineral oil, petroleum jelly (petrolatum), vaselin, lanolin, laurel sulfate, etc. Our skin is a big organ and it is helping the body to clean itself, that is why we need to pay attention to what we eat and drink and also to what we put on our skin.

Here are listed some of the treaments I am offering. Feel free to contact me and we can talk more of what you may be in need of. I am fluent in English and am looking forward to serving you in English as well.


Revitalizing Treatment
Hydrating Treatment
Gold Treatment for face
+ neck and decoltee
+neck and decolttee
Skin Cleansing for Youth (18 and under)

75 €
85 €
65 €
100 €
140 €
160 €
45 €
60 €

Body treatments

Sellulite Treatment with a massage
Neck and shoulder massage
Warm Peat-wrap for Back and Shoulders with a massage
Full Body Massages with Minerals
Hot stone massage

73 €
50 €
72 €
80 €
70 €


Eyelashes and Eyebrows
Eyelashes, Eyebrows and Tweezing
Eyebrows + Tweezing
Defining the Eyebrows
25 €
21 €
14 €
27 €
18 €
12 - 16 €
45 €


Peeling w/ a massage
Luxurious manicure w/ peeling and mask
Basic Manicure
16 €
60 €
45 €